What is Objectev?

Objectev is a localized employee education and well-being solution. We connect business owners, HR professionals and interested parties with a wide range of people in professional services that are able to deliver educational presentations in-person or virtually to employees or interested parties.

What is the goal of Objectev?

Our goal is simple. We are interested in increasing employee morale, boosting job satisfaction and generating higher levels of employee productivity.

What is the Objectev methodology?

We believe that a connection exists between job performance and employee well-being. Those that perform better at work are dealing with less external distractions. If employers can help employees connect with people in their communities to help solve or educate on a wide variety of issues the better off the employees will be.

How do companies connect with Objectev professionals?

Each company that registers on the Objectev platform will have the ability to search for professionals within our network. Each professional on the Objectev platform is showcased through our system. Companies will use our proprietary Engage feature when they are ready to connect and request a presentation.

How often can we contact the professionals within the Objectev network?

Your subscription to Objectev provide your company access to connect with anyone of our professionals in our network as often as you would like. We believe having a minimum of 2 professionals per month is optimal.

Can our company choose to have someone out of state speak with our employees?

Yes, on the Objectev platform your company will have the option to connect with individuals outside of your area. These presentations will most often be given virtually.

How long is each presentation?

Each of our professional presentations will not last more than 30 minutes. This will include any Q&A employees might have. Our presenters will also have a minimum presentation length of 15 minutes as well.

Who provides the virtual presentation link?

Each company that requests a presenter will provide a virtual presentation link (ie Zoom, Teams, Google link etc.) in advance of the presentation. This option is available to companies when they decide they would like the presentation to be virtual.

What are the benefits to companies using Objectev?

Each company will benefit greatly from using the Objectev platform. We believe that increasing employee morale will bring confidence and enthusiasm into the workplace. Employees who have a positive emotional state will have an increase in job satisfaction. This leads to employees going above and beyond in effort and generating higher levels of productivity.

What is an educational craft talk?

Each presentation will be educational in nature. We call these presentations - Educational Craft Talks. This platform is not a selling from stage opportunity for our professionals. We require each of our advisors and professionals to provide guidance and to teach on a wide variety of topics. If an employee finds that presentation useful for their personal life and would like to connect with our presenters outside of work, they are encouraged to do so.