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How it works

Opportunities Don't Just Happen. You Create Them.

  • Objectev advisors deliver educational presentations to employees and business owners at local companies in their community.
  • You develop presentations that equip your audience to make smart decisions and you become a trusted resource for them.


Your Network

  • Objectev advisors build relationships at the corporate level.

  • Our advisors are hand selected by each company to bring their employees a new and differentiated employee experience.

  • In person or virtual presentations will allow you to engage a new audience and expand your reach.



Your Business

  • Education-based marketing allows you to share your knowledge and build trust.

  • It establishes your credibility and people look to you as a resource to work with and as a guide to help them.

  • This is a differentiated way to build long-term relationships.



Relationship Advantage

  • The Objectev platform allows you to build relationships at the corporate level.

  • Local companies connect with you and invite you to meet with them.

  • Delivering educational presentations that demonstrates your knowledge capabilities and addresses their needs.

  • Attendees will have the opportunity to schedule a time to meet with you outside of their working hours.



The Community

  • Commitment to the community is that our advisors have done the required work to become qualified in their chosen profession.

  • Our featured Speaker continue to sharpen their knowledge within their occupation area.

  • Our goal is to work with advisors who believe that they can make a difference in people's lives.

  • We attract the best in class and deliver exceptional results to our attendees both at work and away from the office.



Transformational Skills

  • We believe in lifetime learning for everyone.

  • Advisors on the Objectev platform are provided a path to grow.

  • Become a better version of yourself through our ongoing advisor education.

  • Featured Speaker's on the Objectev platform will begin a new way of engaging with audiences in your community.

  • You will be challenged to uphold the standards of your profession and connect with a wider variety of interested parties.

Pricing Plan for


  • Dedicated corporate profile page.
  • Engage feature allows for rapid booking invitations.
  • Authentication through LinkedIn.
  • Availability calendar for presentations.
  • Build up to 3 educational craft talks.
  • Develop relationships at the corporate level.
  • Grow your business through Education based presentations.

Speaking fee per company

$159 $79.99 USD