We help improve employee productivity and performance Localized Employee Experience (EX)

  • We increase employee morale

  • Boost job satisfaction

  • Generate more productivity from happy employees

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Improve Employee Productivity

  • Objectev showcases a diverse group of local professionals available to come and speak to your employees on a wide variety of topics.
  • The advisors educate your employees and entire staff about common financial topics, different healthcare areas, and complex legal issues to name a few.
  • Employees who stay informed and make smart choices along the way are able to navigate life's rough patches and perform better at work.
  • Employees are more productive when they have less external distractions.
Improve Employee Productivity

Benefits to


  • Dedicated search portal for available featured speakers.
  • Engage feature to request professionals.
  • Ability to communicate with speakers via notes from portal.
  • In office or virtual request booking options.
  • Booking request log and history.
  • Confirmed and Pending speaker notifications.
  • Dedicated service team to help companies connect.

Small/Medium Business

$159.99 /month

Small/Medium Business

Best Option

$1599.99 /year


Multiple locations (5 or more)