Our Mission



Our mission is to empower employees to reach their highest potential, both professionally and personally. We strive to create a workplace culture where individuals can thrive, collaborate, and grow, fostering a strong sense of connection and loyalty to their employer.

Through our ongoing education and training platform, we aim to help business owners and employees perform their best by connecting them with professionals allowing each to feel valued and engaged in their work.

Our Story



In 2019, our founder noticed most of his colleagues were disengaged at work. Yes, they were there physically but, almost all had seemed to be dealing with external distraction affecting the way they performed in the office. He thought, only if his employer could have qualified, local professionals come and speak with his colleagues. They would gather the information they need and would be more productive and perform better.

And boom, Objectev was born. Objectev has since expanded into a platform that allows companies to connect with a wide range of local professionals who are willing to come into the offices or give virtual presentations to employees. We are focused on helping millions of employees connect with and gather the information they need to grow both professionally and personally. One company at a time.